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room services

The hotel is at service 24/7 and the staff cannot wait to help you with any ando everything you might want to arrange.


We must admit we are lucky to be able to serve our guests with the most delicious and fresh food that can be found. The area is such a fertile one and that means everything that you eat in our restaurant is fresh out the lands. We offer various Turkish food selections as well as the most delicious Mediterrenean Cuisine. You will be able to have the lingering tastes of the incredible food long after your holiday.

parties & events

Our facilities and garden are also great choices for the parties or gatherings you may be planning. We will be more than happy to arrange every little details for your organizations for you and try to make your special day a perfect one to remember.

Car services

Our hotel staff can also arrange your pick ups or drop offs to and from the airport. All you need to do is to inform us about your arrival or departure details and we will find you the suitable transportation. All of the service cars we use are very comfortable and safe.